Advantages of Multicurrency Bank Account
Receive money
Receive Salary , Invoice Payment , Pension. Receive & Convert Cryptocurrency Payments .
Get paid like a local
With access to local EURO IBAN, you will always have access to respective country’s account.
Invest In Cryptocurrency
Use fiat balance to buy various cryptocurrencies without leaving the dashboard
Send Money
Send money to 80 countries, with best fee
How to get started ?
Register in minutes
Get set up and start spending with your card in minutes.
Verify your identity
Using your government ID You could verify your identity
Fund your account
You can fund your account thru bank transfer, crypto payments, salary payments or by credit/debit card invoice payments.
Single Dashboard

Centralised dashboard view to look at different accounts,transactions & transfers

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Frequently asked questions
Let’s answer some of your questions
What is a multi-currency account and how does it work?

Account-holders of Tirnu Multi-currency account can receive, send, hold and spend money. A conversion fee and a fixed fee can be applied. Travel around the world with the Tirnu debit card and spend it like a local.

Can I hold multiple currencies with Tirnu Bank Account ?

Yes you can add money to your account in multiple currencies. Conversion between currencies is simple – charges applied

How does Tirnu Debit Card works with Multicurrency Bank Account ?

The tirnu debit card lets you spend money around the world. Only available for multi-currency account-holder residents in the UK, Singapore,Switzerland and EEA.